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Through the screen....

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1Through the screen.... Empty Through the screen.... on Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:23 pm


A new computer company as sprung up suddenly. To make themselves know, they have given away new computers to high schools to give to their students. These were raffled off among the student body. A brand new computer, sounds great right? Whats the catch? Test out a new computer game.
Well, not so much. The computers had a glitch. No just one of those 'Internet explorer is not responding' glitches, but a life changing one. The students who acquired these computers were pulled into cyberspace and trapped there. I the world of instant messaging and computer games.
All the kids were trapped in the computer game they were testing. Problem? If they lose all their lives, they actually die in real life (so keep track of them!) The only way out is to win the game. The only way to do that is to work together.

clique at school (nobody, geek, nerd, preppy, jock, ect)

note: Anyone have any tips on how to make this idea better, post it along with character bios.

Name - Roux (pronounced Roo)
gender - female
Age - 16
Looks -
~Hair - Frizzy black curly hair that is just past her shoulder. Purple streak in the back and is always in a braid.
~Eyes - Striking stormy grey eyes. rarely show what she is thinking or her emotions. Wears black rimmed glasses that partially hide her eyes.
~Skin - light copper tan. Has an hispanic look to the tone.
~Body - Curvy and short and thin. Very hispanic looking.
~Other - Is part hispanic. Wears clothing that is modest, but not overly so.
personality - Shy and closed off. Doesn't talk to many people. Always hiding behind a book.
clique at school - 'Nerd'/'geek'. Striving to be perfect, but is failing.
other - n/a

Name - Julian
gender - male
Age - 16
~Hair - soft brown hair that falls slightly into his face. Always seems to be perfect without trying.
~Eyes - gentle emerald green that entice you. Always seem to be smiling, unless he is really.
~Skin - Healthy light golden tan.
~Body - tall and lean. Not overly fit with define muscles, but he isn't scrawny either.
~Other - Wears a hoody where the sleeves are always pushed up to his elbows. Usually has a pencil tucked behind his ear.
personality - funny and out going. Tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and gets kicked out of class for it. easy going guy, very relaxed.
clique at school - art club
other - is an outstanding artist. mostly comic book stuff, but still impressive. Has been asked to do multiple murals around the school and has taken up every request.

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2Through the screen.... Empty Re: Through the screen.... on Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:05 pm


Name: Oliver Drake
Age: 17
~Hair: Chestnut brown, a little darker than his eyes. Looks soft to the touch and has a slight curl to it.
~Eyes: Milk chocolate brown, always bright, sometimes the appear hazel
~Skin: Fair skin, a few scattered freckles.
~Body: Lean, but as strong as a jock. He works out on his own, doesn't have a ton of definition
~Other: Endearing, slightly dimpled smile, used to have braces
personality: quiet and calm, sweet, he's kind of like a puppy being loyal and dependable
clique at school (nobody, geek, nerd, preppy, jock, ect): Nobody
other: He plays guitar, plays music similar to Mumford and Sons

Name: Riley Elliot
Age: 16
~Hair: Long strawberry blonde hair, curly, tame
~Eyes: Dark grey with flecks of blue in them, large, slightly almond shaped and fringed with long, thick lashes
~Skin: Fair skin, only two freckles. One on her top lip and one diagonally below it on her bottom lip
~Body: Average height, maybe a bit tall for her gender. Curvy, not fat, not too thin. Developed body that's grabs attention
~Other: High cheekbones.
personality: Impulsive once you know her, but she comes off as innocent and can seem a bit shy. She's nice, but can seem a little indifferent at times.
clique at school (nobody, geek, nerd, preppy, jock, ect): She's a mix between art club and theatre, but she's also fairly popular
other: I don't know yet...

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3Through the screen.... Empty Re: Through the screen.... on Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:37 pm


The Game (Might as well put what the game everyone is trapped is...)
A world of fantasy and problems: Assassins run amuck, a killer-hot headed dictator queen rules, the realm being on a verge of war, and robbers causing mayhem in the cities. In this game, you must help defeat the queen, free the citizens, and stay alive. Fulfill the tasks given my shop owners and move up in ranks. The higher the rank you are, the more powerful you will become.
(note, you can play an assassin, robber, show owner or whatever else comes to mind as well as your character being one of the new characters in the game who has to help defeat the queen.…if that makes sense. The teenage character you created MUST be one of the characters who are helping with the tasks. But you can create extra characters in the game if you would like too.)

Game Character layout:
Name (try to stay similar to the teen’s name)
Gender (same as teen)
Looks (same as teen)
Weapon of choice (try not to repeat weapons people! And no guns. Stick with medieval weapons.)

All of them start as a low rank and will increase with skill points I guess.

Game Character layout:
Name Remmy
Looks (same as teen)
Weapon of choice Bow and arrow

Game Character layout:
Name Julian
Gender male
Looks Same as his bio
Weapon of choice metal fighting rod.

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4Through the screen.... Empty Re: Through the screen.... on Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:49 pm


Name (try to stay similar to the teen’s name) Oliver
Gender (same as teen) Male
Looks (same as teen) Same as bio
Weapon of choice: Voulge (kind of awesome axe thing)

Name (try to stay similar to the teen’s name) Riley
Gender (same as teen) Female
Looks (same as teen) Same as bio
Weapon of choice: Nine tail whip, laden with glass

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