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1Chosen Empty Chosen on Sun May 08, 2011 3:35 pm


The day we were Chosen was the day our lives changed forever. We were going about our daily routines until we spontaneously blacked out and awoke in a world that is not our own. A world with giant talking animals (as well as the normal kind), humans, elves, and various other strange and amazing creatures. A world that is still in the medieval era, where magic still rules the earth and the very planet itself is truly alive. The realm is known as Erethriel (pronounced err-eth-ree-ell). There are three established main races in Erethriel (although there are many other smaller races and various unique species) – humans, elves, and centaurs. They each hold a great part of the land with established cities, although the centaurs are far more independent and elusive than the other two main races. The human capital is Ferma, the elven capital is Darmur, and the centaur capital is Falareon Forest, which is, as the name suggests, a very large forest dotted with meadows in which villages and such are located. There is an enormous cave that serves as the centaur stronghold. The human stronghold is a castle and the elven stronghold is an enormous hollowed out tree. Deep underground, demons, dark faeries, and all manner of evil has been imprisoned by magic. But now the seals are breaking. The monsters are coming out, and they arent coming out to play for fun. The battle for the surface is being lost, and with it, and kind of peace and order that ever existed. The need for outside help was overwhelming. So the very earth of Erethriel itself peered into another world – OUR world – and from it, pulled the strongest and most courageous of us, each for our own unique purpose to help in the fight against the forces of evil. We are the Chosen. Now the only question is…. will we be able to stop the evil and ever see our own homes again?

~*Note!*~ All of the Chosen have been gifted with a special magical weapon. This is the weapon we are best with and no two people have the same weapon, so please pick a SPECIFIC weapon and DO NOT pick a weapon that someone else has already chosen. Please, no modern weapons, all weapons are appropriate to the current Erethreilian era, meaning old-timey weapons only. No guns or anything. Also, all Erethreilian creatures will be NPCs, although some will play bigger parts than others (I will usually deal with any NPC dialogue). We will all specifically be playing the Chosen.

~*Character Format”*~

~*My Characters*~
Name: Leon Night
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Short, black.
Eyes: Bright green
Skin: Average Caucasian.
Height/Build: Really, REALLY tall. Athletically built, has some muscular definition but he’s not that “oh my god im a steroid addict” type muscular, its all natural looking and built up from martial arts.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Has a few odd scars on his chest/back from various accidents.
Weapon: A pair of katanas.
Background: Grew up in a foster family with his sister. He’s a world class martial artist, competes at national and international levels. Has training both with simple hand-to-hand and weapons.
Personality: He’s a strong silent type. He doesn’t talk a lot and tends to stay out of the way. He’s very protective of those he cares about and is very kind but he sometimes comes off as intimidating because of his size and nature. Stoic.
Other: He’s Kira’s older brother. He’s very protective of her.

Name: Kira Night
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hair: Long shaggy black, sort of shag-goth cut, heavy razored bangs.
Eyes: Dark forest green
Skin: Pale
Height/Build: A smidget on the short side, petite and curvy, graceful.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Double pierced ears, barbell through the right eyebrow.
Weapon: A long thin sword – similar to an epee used for fencing but without the safety tip and with a slightly heavier blade for more damage. The blade is strong/heavy enough to do damage but small enough to slip through small gaps in armour, and is similar enough to a fencing sword that its easily useable for her. The blade is a silvery metal, the guard is elegantly made metal vines and flowers that intersect and weave together. Right where the blade begins is a large dark green gem. There is another one at the bottom of the hilt. The grip is black leather wound around the hilt.
Background: Like her brother, she is a world class athlete for her age group, but martial arts are not for her. She’s on a national/international fencing team.
Personality: She tends to act like a little kid…. Usually either freakishly happy or really depressed, slightly manic in terms of her moods, doesn’t really take things seriously all that often. But when she DOES take something seriously, or she gets really ticked off, WATCH OUT. She turns from big happy manic puppy to a very scary, very cold, and very dangerous individual in a split second and will happily beat you up. Leon;s pretty much the only person she ever listens to and even he cant keep her calm sometimes.
Other: Leon’s younger sister.

Name: Larkin/Darren Graves
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: Shaggy auburn
Eyes: Their eyes are the only way to tell them apart – they both have one green eye and one brown eye. Larkin’s left eye is green and his right eye is brown. Darren’s left eye is brown and his right eye is green. But most people never catch on to this.
Skin: Average Caucasian.
Height/Build: Average
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Nope
Weapon: Larkin= Bow and arrow, Darren= Crossbow
Background: They are twins. They grew up in a normal household with a normal life. They love to pull pranks and are constantly getting in trouble for it. They also enjoy tricking people with regards to their identities.
Personality: Both of the twins are highly mischievous and big jokers. They love pulling pranks and acting out, and their favourite pastime is pretending to be each other. Even their parents cant always tell them apart! They are completely identical except for their eyes.
Other: Nope

Name: Shira Denali
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Long dark brown.
Eyes: Coppery brown.
Skin: A soft cocoa colour.
Height/Build: Average height, slender highly feminine build. Not hugely muscular but is very strong.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: No
Weapon: A pair of bladed fans
Background: Grew up with her single mother and was always out of the house a lot. Her mother was always trying to get her to be more lady-like and feminine, but she wanted nothing to do with it. When she turned 15, she left to go to military boarding school, training to be in the army. Has survival and combat training.
Personality: Tough to the core. Very practical and down to earth, keeps a level head at all times, not afraid of combat situations. Fiery and stubborn.
Other: Nope.

*** Romance/drama most certainly allowed Wink

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I will join asap!!! Smile

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Name: Grace Pichae
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hair: Long, curly, black hair; shiny and soft.
Eyes: Warm brown eyes, flecks of green with long, dark lashes.
Skin: Medium brown skin, no freckles, very clean skin.
Height/Build: Petite, lithe, graceful. She’s average height and she’s also very strong.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: A ring in her lower lip
Weapon: A long whip- Nine tail whip.
Background: Born to two mothers, she’s faced being made fun of, but it’s made her stronger. She graduated high school early, at 16. She’s lived on her own since then, becoming emancipated from her moms.
Personality: Quiet and strategically driven, she likes to look out for everyone and gain the most she can. She’s always thinking and sometimes, she gets lost in her thoughts.
Other: None.

Name: Nathaniel Weber
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark blonde hair, light caramel streaks
Eyes: Medium hazel color, bright.
Skin: Fair skin, a few scattered freckles.
Height/Build: tall and lean, has hard muscles with some definition. He’s stronger than he looks.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: None.
Weapon: Voulge
Background: He was born in London and moved to the US when he was 9 years old. He has both a mother and a father, but his father was always gone to work, so he never really got to talk to him or his sister.
Personality: Mild mannered and relatively sweet. He likes to make people happy, but that’s his downfall. Despite trying to please, he has one rule: Protect yourself above anyone else… Well, beside for Maddy.
Other: Madeline’s older brother. He still has an accent because he’s never tried to get rid of it. Instead, he takes pride in it, but it’s not obnoxious.

Name: Madeline Weber
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: Cornsilk blonde hair, long and straight with a slight wave at the end.
Eyes: Brighter, lighter hazel than her brother, more golden, longer, darker lashes.
Skin: Pale, no freckles.
Height/Build: Average height, thin, soft curves. She was built for speed.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: She has a trail of stars up her side and on her hip with inky runes running off them.
Weapon: A pair of katars
Background: Basically the same as her brothers… She’s found a way to cover her accent.
Personality: She’s a bit fierier than her brother, but they basically have the same mind set, though: Protect yourself before anyone else… Well, that is, after your sibling. She likes to have fun and she can be quite impulsive.
Other: Nathaniel’s little sister.

Name: Kai Griffith
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair: Medium brown with reddish tones, shaggy, almost emo cut
Eyes: Bright blue green eyes
Skin: Lightly tanned
Height/Build: Average height and build, slightly muscular, medium muscle definition.
Weapon: Throwing stars attached to thin wires, sort of like yo-yos.
Background: He was thrown into the foster care system at 12 years old and never got used to people feeling sorry for him. His parents were abusive and his mother was an alcoholic. He has a little sister who was adopted after only three months in the system, but no one wants him.
Personality: Defiant and sarcastic, likes to push boundaries. He doesn’t have any moral restrictions, so he’s not against hitting a girl. Normally, though, he doesn’t like confrontation.
Other: Was kicked out of school for fighting.

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OOC: All looks good ^^ questions though! I have never heard of a Katar or a volgue. What might they be?

5Chosen Empty Re: Chosen on Mon May 09, 2011 5:40 pm


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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The top one is a katar, and they're normally worn on both hands.

The second is a voulge and one of those heads would be on a long staff type stick.

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OOC: Ahh, okay ^^ all good! We can start when Moxie posts her characters.

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Okay, but she'll most likely forget and then not join, so I'll bug her about it.

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Okee ^^

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OOC: Agh, bored to death so im making the 1st post.... im probably gonna post for Larkin and Darren together a lot since they're almost always together.

Leon: Fists flashed as my opponent struck, my body reacting on pure instinct and adrenaline into a block, swinging my foot up and around and hitting my sparring partner in the ribs. Things continued like this until he conceded defeat. We bowed and retreated. Finally senei called the final bow and we left the mats. I headed to the changerooms to shower and change out of my gi. Everyone else was finished before me. I changed into loose faded black jeans and a random band shirt and began packing my gi away, getting ready to go meet Kira. The fencing studio where she trained was just a few doors down. But suddenly, a funny feeling overcame me, a strange, lightheaded sensation. It looked as if everything was getting brighter, bathed in pale blue light. Suddenly everything went pure white before flashing to black as i fell unconscious, thinking of my sister. What would happen to her?

Kira: Blades clanged and flashed under the flourescent lighting as i sparred with my opponent. I was being forced back, but quickly spun into a complex series of attacks and jabs, pushing my opponent further back. Finally, i felt the tip of my blade poke into my opponent's chest. It was a short 1st touch wins sudden death match. Just average training, nothing serious. A little cool off exercise, really. I pulled of my mesh face mask and stalked off. But my coach intercepted me before i got to the changeroom. "Practice isnt over yet." he protested. I raised an eyebrow. "You know i have school." i said. He frowned. "Nationals are in a week and you're our foremost player! You have to be in top shape!" he protested. I frowned. "Im dooing fine, okay? I'll throw in some extra practice at home and do some more work after school, but right now, i have school, and i have to go." i said, brushing past him. I took a quick shower and changed into a tight fit t-shirt with a graffiti-styled chibi skull with a little neon green bow, black skinny jeans, and black converse. I tucked away my uniform and put away my epee. I was about to leave when i was hit with a wave of dizziness. I began to panic, but couldnt do a thing as bright blue light became white, and then dead black as i fainted.

Shira: Id snuck out the window that morning. My mom was up and about, and as soon as id walked out my bedroom door to go to the bathroom, she'd been on me again to be more ladylike and wear makeup and nice clothes and act more professional, blah blah blah. As if. Id retreated to my bedroom, pulling on baggy black cargo pants, a fitted camo t-shirt, and a dark brown leather bomber jacket. Heavy black combat boots went on my feet. My hair was braided back, out of the way. No makeup (not that i needed it). And then i grabbed my bag, climbed out my window into the tree that grew next to it, and climbed down into the yard, running off before my mom noticed and tried to make me go put on makeup and change. I was walking down the street heading for school when i was hit with a wave of dizziness and nausea that made my knees buckle. I managed not to fall over, but black spots were forming in my vision, and after a flash of blue-white light that faded to black, the world fell away.

Larkin/Darren: We walked down the hallway, already at school for an early morning detention, the product of our latest prank, chatting absently, when suddenly we both froze, our eyes locking onto each other. It was like looking in a mirror. We were almost totally identical and since we were wearing identical black Avenged Sevenfold tshirts and blue jeans, our clothing identical as usual, it was very easy to believe we were looking at ourselves. Simultaneously, we both spoke: "I think im going to faint.". And we both plummeted to the ground, the world fading away.

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