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Midevil Crush

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1Midevil Crush Empty Midevil Crush on Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:52 pm


The castels settled on the beach. The knights in shining armor. The ballgowns and the commoners. The queen and king galla. This is a chat based on the midevil... anything goes have fun I don't care what happens Razz

Midevil part (commoner, part of queen or king galla, servent, lord..., lady..., all that chizz):

My Characters
Name: Lucy Dixon
age: 18
Midevil part: Lady Dixon, married to Lord Partican
Other: She was married into the castle her family owns a farm but with her married to Lord Partican she can become the next queen if she produces a male son and Lord Partican can be king after King George

Name: Logan Partican
age: 25
Midevil part: Lord Partican, married to Lady Dixon, has many mistresses because he believes that Lady Dixon cannot give him a boy child and so he cannot be the next king.
Other: Is next in line for the thrown of his country and his family will pass if his wife cannot give a boy and the role will be given to his younger brother Lord William Prtican.

(you can make up ur own Midevil crisis and may have as many characters as you want I will add more iff needed Smile thank you)

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