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Beauty and his beast

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1Beauty and his beast Empty Beauty and his beast on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:27 pm


An Avery and Momo chat

So, reverse beauty and the beast (guy is beauty girl is beast). He owns her.

Name: Hazel
Age: 17 -subject to change-
Looks: Hazel Almost human
hazel cat 1
Other: was cursed to be either a cat or part cat, but never fully human (has been like this her whole life) her parents pissed off an enchantress.

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2Beauty and his beast Empty Re: Beauty and his beast on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:37 pm


Hazel sat, fulling transformed, in the back of her cage. Yes, the cage was large enough for her to be her almost human self, but just barely. And if she wasn't going to be given orders to be in that form, then she wasn't going to be. She was curled into a tiny ball with her fluffy tail over her nose, watching the area right infront of the door to her cage. When would her 'master' get in here to finally let her put? She needed to use the bathroom.

Yes, there was a litterbox, but she found it degrading to use it and he might make her clean it if she used it. So instead she just watched the room around her, her ears picking up at the slightest of sounds.

"Sir? Are you here?" She called through the house.

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