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PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3

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1PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 Empty PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:33 pm

The setting and stuff is her job, so... XD

Character Format:
Bio: *not mandatory*

I'll make my charries after her.

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2PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 Empty Re: PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:53 pm


The setting is the foul smelling, death filled capital city of Toslym. The city is simply named Toslym's Throne (Toslym's Crotch, to the more vulgar folks) or simply, The Throne. It's a huge city encased by wall one hundred leagues long (three hundred miles). The north is relatively cleaner compared to the rest, with the king's guard patrolling the streets. To the west you have the market area, where merchant's and their families live. To the east is the docks. And to the south is the place for beggar's, thieves, and brothels.

No real story line here though, other than certain things below in the notes!

Royal Family: King Medrik (45), Queen Dyzma(30), Princes Thomas(10) and John(9), and the princess Mary (15).

The Vemset armies are coming up from the south, ready to attack the country.

Attempting to ursurp the current religion's hold on power (a polytheistic religion with five gods) is the preists of the single god Meldrig. They have set up a monastery in the western region. The Five God religion still holds strong though.

Name: Ailova Gonson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Looks: Ailova has long red hair that she keeps in a single braid. She has pale white skin, and large silver eyes. She has a sloped nose, pert mouth, and angular chin and cheek bones.
Bio: *not mandatory*
Other: A hand maiden to the princess Mary, she is constantly by her side, often sleeping with her on colder nights. She is the daughter of a tourney knight and a prostitute. She doesn't know her mother's name, but knows her father is Ser Aelwin Gonson. She was brought to the castle by him when she was ten.

(I'll add more characters when need be)

3PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 Empty Re: PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:03 pm

Name: Riku and Sen Okami-Tentousai
Age: 15
Gender: Male (Twins)
Looks: 5'8, both have a warm, almond shade of skin and defined muscles. Their shaggy, thick bothersome raven head of hair hangs in their face, tending to partially obscure their warm molten gazes of an off bronze/gold color. Their facial features are distinctly pronouced, being a little of Japanese and Indian descent. Riku wears a simple pair of dark tattered slacks, Sen dressed in a dirty, worn suit of brown. Neither wear shoes.
Bio: *not mandatory* Maybe later...
Other: Both of them are extremely skilled thieves and fighters. They aren't afraid of a little dirt or blood; that's been their entire lives.

You can easily tell the two apart from the moment of striking up a conversation. Riku is wise, crafty, witted and knows how to talk to others. From the company of him, you'd think he was at least in his twenties rather than merely being fifteen. He is very protective over his brother. Riku also has a very weak physical condition, and can hardly manage to lift anything over five pounds, often falling ill with fevers and the like should he over-exert himself.

Sen is the polar opposite of his brother, but likes to put on a brave face. He is very sensitive and overly-emotional on all occasions while Riku remains calm and level-headed. He also happens to be completely deaf.


An intense gaze had been fixated on the form of the sleeping thief for nearly an hour now, just waiting for him to wake up. When he didn't, Sen decided to speed things along. Reaching into the old satchel, he pulled out a canteen of water, popped the lid from it, and dumped it AAAALL out on his brother's face. Boy, did he not like that... Riku jumped from the soggy haybale with a startled cry, wiping at his face and sputtering. Sen held back his laughter until it all died in his throat from the hateful glare he got. He didn't even have to read his lips to guess what he was shouting. "SEN! Why would you do that?! You know just how long it took us to find that bit of water and now we're just going to have to find more...!" Riku sighed, slowly regaining his composure with a wince as he ran a hand through the soaked, matted tresses of his hair. Sen looked at him regretfully, his voice coming out thick and strangely distorted as it always was. "I'm sorry, brother." He looked down, "I was lonely by myself while you slept..."


The two recovered from that morning's antics and all was well. They were now prowling on the trash-littered streets of Toslym, looking to loot anything of worth, anyone of interest to fish their sated pockets, or anything good enough to eat. Just another day in the lives of the twins.

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4PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 Empty Re: PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 on Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:19 pm


Ailova walked behind the princess, trying to keep up with the girl's quick pace. "My lady, you aren't supposed to run in public," she sighed. The princess' steps slowed grudgingly, and then Ailova was beside her once more.
"Tell me Ailova, who is the princess here?"
"You are, my lady."
"And who is the lady-in-waiting?"
"I am." And here we go again. She loved the girl, she really did. But there were points when she wanted nothing more than to rip her pretty little head from her shoulders.
"Then do not presume to give me orders or try to teach me a lesson. That is what my lady mother is for."
"And your lady mother is not here, so it falls to me to keep you from making a mockery of yourself." One of the knights surrounding them chuckled as Mary turned, her eyes flashing dangerously.
"What was that?"
"Nothing, my lady."
"That's what I thought," she said, grinning as they walked down the street surrounded by a legion of knights with silver cloaks. Ailova turned away for a second to see two boys walking down the road past them.

5PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 Empty Re: PRIVATE. Aerona and Mady! <3 on Mon Oct 17, 2011 1:48 pm

The dashing color of such fine clothes adorned by the large party certainly did not go unnoticed by the two, poor skeeving boys. The sight set of flame of awe in their hearts, as well as a wretched sadness. Yao, their elder brother, had once been a Knight - the royal guard to King Medrik and Queen Dyzma before he was killed in battle nearly three years ago. Riku was the one to catch Ailova's stare, returning it with a pleasant smile and bowed, one arm moving across his chest. "My Ladies." Sen swallowed, throat dry and kept silent, wide eyes trying to keep from staring.

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