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It's Never too Late

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1It's Never too Late Empty It's Never too Late on Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:06 pm


In a small town where only broken hearts are left unfixed and a few teens become confused about life and about themselves. It's never too late to love or experience new things and issues. In this chat the setting is in Berkley High, and the dormitories are fit for two a piece. Berkley is a school for the Advanced Natural Talents. Not only are these teens confused but they have a reputation to uphold with getting good grades and trying to not get kicked out of the school. The school forbids public displays of affection and does not allow the students to sleep in other students rooms. The students sneak out and try to get around the law of the school as much as possible but they still want to be like normal teenagers.

school:It's Never too Late 4c365c81969f1.image

Boy dormitories:It's Never too Late Dorm-Room

Girl Dormitories: It's Never too Late Dorm

Hall cheif for boys: It's Never too Late Stock-photo-adult-guy-in-the-white-shirt-on-a-black-background-74151436
Erik Blade

Hall cheif for girls: It's Never too Late Adults
Melissa LaPorte

Character fill out~








My characters:

Name: Larson Powl
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Talent: Dancing
Background: His parents enrolled him because his professors at his old school recommended it to him. He thought it was going to be a lot of fun but then he found out that all it was was the fact that they had no fun and they couldn't really do anything. They treat the kids like they are some person who is their pet and they get to mold and shape them anyway possible.
Looks: It's Never too Late Teen+men+hairstyle+with+long+bangs_fashion+hairstyle
other: n/a

Name: Emma Weiler
age: 16
Gender: Female
Talent: Writing
Background: Her mom forced her because her mom found out that she gets some money from the school for enrolling Emma because she is contributing for many things at the school.
Looks: It's Never too Late Teen_Girl
Other: She was already kicked out once from the school because of public display of affections and for sleeping in a boy dorm. She got back in because they heard while Emma was gone she published one of her books and she was enrolled back in.

Name: Jason Wild
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Talent: Stringed instruments (violin, guitar, bass, etc.)
Background: His sister goes to the school so they also enrolled him thinking he was as good as his sister
Looks: It's Never too Late Teen_boy
other: n/a

Name: Alyssa Wild
age: 17
Gender: Female
Talent: Painting
Background: She won a scholarship to the school by winning a contest for painting. They sent her to the school as soon as possible.
Looks: It's Never too Late Teen-girl-150x150

(the characters that you make may also have the same talents as others and they can have super natural powers like reading minds and such but nothing please so extravagant, and please do not have your characters fall in love with another character that you have. Involve as much drama as possible, they don't have to have love troubles before the school just as long as there is some romance in the school... anyone can be a teacher or the dormitory advisers)

2It's Never too Late Empty Re: It's Never too Late on Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:13 pm


Ooooh, im in ^^

Name: Aria (pronounced ar-ay-ya) Nightshade

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Talent: Composing music. She's also an incredible violinist. Usually writes violin pieces but has also written things for flute, cello, and a number of other instruments. Can play flute and piano, but not that well. Just enough to understand the music she writes for those instruments.

Background: Grew up with her single mother, in a rather poor family. Is at Berkley on a scholarship.

Looks: A tiny bit on the short side, slender, neatly proportioned, very elfin in appearance. Short pixie-cut blue-black hair, wide deep blue eyes, pale skin.

Other: Sort of quiet, very easily embarrassed.

Name: Jett Foster

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Talent: Computer design

Background: Was always fascinated with technology, building machines since he was young. Even managed to sell a design or two.

Looks: Tall, shaggy emo-cut black hair, a little bit of muscular definition, fair skinned, dark stormy grey eyes, barbell through the corner of his right eyebrow, lip ring, triple pierced ears.

Other: Nopers.

Name: Yuki Shinohara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Talent: Drawing - a manga artist.

Background: Began drawing manga when she was very young, began her own series at age 13. It was published when she was 14 and she's continued to produce books since then. Been looking to start a new series, but isnt sure she ahs the time.

Looks: Average height, asian, average asian skin tone, dark eyes, straight black hair down to her mid-back, sidebangs, frequently dyes random brightly coloured streaks into har hair (currently neon green)

Other: Nope.

3It's Never too Late Empty Re: It's Never too Late on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:04 pm


^^ just one more and then we can start

4It's Never too Late Empty Re: It's Never too Late on Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:55 am


Name: Paige Scott

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Talent: Electronics

Background: She grew up in a small town of few people, and everyone would come to her for help fixing their electrical things. (computers, tvs, videogames etc.) Her parents are divorced and she's an only child. Her dad suggested she join the school after she managed to fix someone's expensive laptop that was dropped into a swimming pool.

Looks:It's Never too Late Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSO31uvGhcnAXVx7ker8qqCjj7aUuwgBjLou3UUkxbx7BGLHxD8hwlA4vvk

Other: She's normally quiet and keeps to herself, but if you talk to her she'll talk back, and doesn't mind at all when people ask her to fix things.

Name: Corey Talken

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Talent: Photography

Background: He took a photography class at his old school, and turns out he was a natural. Every shot he took looked perfect, so his teacher suggested Berkley High. His family is pretty normal, and he strives for more out of life, to explore more and takes as many pictures as he can on the way.

Looks:It's Never too Late Istockphoto_729193-handsome-blonde-boy looks younger than he actually is, and gets annoyed when people bring that up

Other: Paige's cousin

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