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1Dragonkin Empty Dragonkin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:43 pm


One of my fav RPs Wink decided to transfer it to here. Romance/drama definately a factor here. Let's keep things interesting!

Long, long ago, in an ancient age where magic still flourished in the land, there were three main races – the race of Man, the race of Dragon, and the race of Demon. The race of Dragon was one of mighty beasts, great lizards who wielded the elements, had the gift of flight, and possessed great and ancient knowledge. From the beginning of time, Dragon and Demon were at war. The race of Dragon sought to live in peaceful harmony with the world around them, where the Demons sought only to destroy and rule with a bloody fist. Then came Man. Man came and eventually became dominant, developing far beyond what was expected of such a weak race. They too were forced to fight against the Demons, or be extinguished. The majority of Man sided with the Dragons, living under the protection of the great lizards and, when necessary, fending off small demon attacks. As a result, a certain group of elite warriors known as the Dragonkin were formed. These elite few pledged themselves to helping the Dragons in their age old battle, fighting in dragon-warrior teams. The Dragonkin were each gifted with one special ability to aid them, whether it be knowledge, physical prowess of any kind, a heightened sense, or even control over one of the four natural elements, earth, water, fire, or air. No two Dragonkin had the same power. The root of the Dragonkin power was found in the Dragon with which they were partnered. But not all of Man agreed with the Dragons. Some were corrupted by the Demon’s promise of power and riches, something Man will innately always crave. Eventually, it came to an upheaval that resulted in the extinction of nearly all the Dragons and their human partners. In a last attempt to save the human-dragon bond, the last surviving dragons gathered together in a cavern deep underground to perform a great spell. This spell ensured that both Dragonkin and Dragon alike would be saved – by allowing the Dragonkin to re-incarnate through the ages, marked by a black dragons head tattoo on the inside of the right wrist, and by sealing away the few remaining dragon eggs in a stony tomb formed from the bodies of the last great dragons themselves, turned to stone as they performed the spell. During the spell, The Guide was also formed. The Guide is an immortal sorcerer, given the gift of eternal life to watch over the re-incarnations of the Dragonkin, to aid them when the time came, to make sure the history was not lost. The Demons were fought back, many of them exiled below the earth, and for a very long time, there was only Man upon the face of the planet. As the years passed, the great Stone Dragon Tomb was forgotten, its location fading from the human memory. Man forgot about both Dragon and Demon, and even more horribly, about the Dragonkin and the bond that was once shared by dragon and man. But the Dragonkin remained, being re-incarnated through the millennia. They did not know who they were, only that they were different than others. Their unique gifts still remained, but they no longer knew the source of their strange powers. It is now present day, and the eggs are beginning to waken. Soon, they will hatch. But Demon is stirring, sensing the awakening of the Dragon. Can the Dragonkin find their eggs in time and rekindle their lost bond, or will the Demons have their victory?

Character Format:
(Weird hair/eye colours are most certainly allowed)

Appearance of Dragons Egg:

My Characters:

Name: Kaya Devon
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: Very short shaggy pixie-cut black.
Eyes: Bright green, behind black glasses that constantly slide down her nose.
Skin: Pale
Height/Build: Average
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Only the black Dragonkin marker on the inside of her right wrist and some scarring on her right hip/upper leg.
Ability: Knowledge is her power. A literal technological genius, both in new and ancient technology. You show her a picture or give her an idea for any kind of technology, she can make it. Can hack computers/decode encryptions, disable alarms…… even if she’s never actually been taught how to do it, she can do it. Need anything to do with computers/machines/technology? She’s your girl.
Personality: Friendly, tends to be quiet, often shy, easily startled. Very exciteable at times. When passionate about something, she can be very VERY stubborn.
Background: Born to an average human household, grew up normally at first. Then when she was three, she began to show signs that she was different, her genius began to come out. At 6, she was hit by a car and lost the lower half of her right leg (more on this later). Missed a good chunk of school recovering but had no problem fitting back in. Has been in very advanced classes in terms of math/science her whole life. Even qualified for advanced placement into a college or university in her 2nd year of high school but denied it. She wanted to go through high school like any normal student. When she isn’t in school she works at a local computer repair shop, recycling various computer parts into new computers as well as fixing any that get brought in.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Pale green with soft rounded abstract patterns that look like they’ve been airbrushed on in a darker green.
Other: When she was six, she was hit by a speeding van crossing the street. She was lucky to have survived. Her hip bone had multiple fractures and was partially broken apart, her upper leg bone broken in seven places. Her lower leg, on the other hand, was a mess. The bone was completely shattered and all the nerves were ruined. It had to be amputated just above the knee. She refused to have a prosthetic limb attached, preferring instead to use a wheelchair or walk with crutches. Noone was sure why she made this choice, but she didn’t leave room for argument so they let her be. Her upper leg and hip required multiple surgeries to fix and are often still quite painful for her.

Name: Has had many names, has gone by “Kyan” (pronounced kai-an) for the last century or so.
Age: Looks about 18, is actually almost as ancient as the dragons themselves. Frozen at 18 when the dragons performed their last great spell.
Gender: Male
Hair: Shaggy long-ish dark brown.
Eyes: Bright silver.
Skin: Fair.
Height/Build: Tall, has some muscle but not really ripped.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Has some strange runic tattoos on his back and chest, a celtic knot around his upper arm. All of his tattoos are black. Has a scar that runs over his left eye.
Ability: He is a magician, so he can cast spells.
Personality: Cold, very business-like. Would make a good assassin. Has a friendlier side, but business and staying alive tends to come first for him.
Background: A powerful magician frozen at age 18 to find and aid the Dragonkin through the ages. Lost them a while back, since whenever they re-incarnate, they are somewhere different and it could be anywhere in the world, but he tapped into his memories and found a spell hidden in his mind to help him find the Dragonkin. The situation is dire, and he is currently hurrying to find them. Fortunately they tend to reincarnate in roughly the same area every time so his search is a little easier.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: None. He is not reincarnated Dragonkin, he is The Guide.
Other: Nope.

Name: Lucas St. Claire
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Shaggy blonde. Like, very, very blonde
Eyes: Bright crystalline sky blue.,
Skin: Average caucasian
Height/Build: Tall, average otherwise. Sort of a tall awkwardly built type
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Just the dragon marker.
Ability: Can control water/ice
Personality: A total ditz a happy-go-lucky musician, very VERY spacy, a total clutz, loves everyone, a little dense and tends not to notice or really care what others think of him. A big happy puppy.
Background: Average family/life. Attends high school. A musician, plays guitar and sings, ocasionally plays at talent shows or local cafes.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Metallic looking sky blue with white flecks.
Other: Nopers

Name: Thalia Grace
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair: Medium length spiky silver-tipped blue. short at the back, just covers her ears at the sides and goes just below chin length at the front, spiky bangs the run across her face as if windblown.
Eyes: Bright blue flecked with silver.
Skin: Pale
Height/Build: Average
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Dragonmarker on her wrist, double pierced ears, silver lip ring, silver barbell in her eyebrow.
Ability: Can create/direct sonic blasts/vibrations.
Personality: Cocky and fiery, very outgoing, often blunt. Loves a good fight, hates authority figures/orders.
Background: Grew up with adoptive parents, was kicked out of a few schools, pretty much does as she pleases at this point. Her parents have given up on trying to control her.
Appearance of Dragons Egg:Starts dark blue at the bottom, gradates to silver at the top.
Other: Nope.

***NOTE!*** DO NOT USE A POWER THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN USED! Also, i dont want any over-powered characters so please choose your characters abilities careuflly. I may ask you to change them if i have to.

2Dragonkin Empty Re: Dragonkin on Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:54 pm


Name: Capria Hale
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: Cotton candy blue that hangs in long, tangle waves
Eyes: Luminous hazel eyes
Skin: Translucently pale
Height/Build: Medium height/ thin
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Long, inky runes that cover her shoulders, and back, and one that curls up her face, dragonkin marker on her wrist, septum piercing
Ability: She can cause incapacitating mental pain
Personality: Sweet, down to earth, ridiculously impulsive, when she dislikes something, she hates it. She's loyal to her friends and a vicious fighter.
Background: Despite her rebellious appearance, Capria was one of the honor students at her school. She liked to get in her share of trouble, though. Her mother and father were drug addicts and they left her when she was very young, so she grew up with her aunt.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: A dark purple egg, splattered with black
Other: Nada

Name: Matteo Reese
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark black/ blue hair, slightly long- skater cut
Eyes: Bright purple eyes
Skin: Medium tanned skin
Height/Build: Average, kinda thin
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Tattoo over his ribs, a latin scripture, dragon marker
Ability: His vision and hearing are enhanced, making him a good tracker.
Personality: Fun loving, calm, voice-of-reason, generally unbaised
Background: When Matteo was 11, he was adopted from London. He lived a generally good lifestyle, his parents had money and he had two sisters who he loved.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Black, with wisps of silver that curl up like smoke to the top
Other: n/a

Name: Jace Aldric
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: Golden hair, slightly wavy
Eyes: Eyes that match his hair
Skin: Fairly pale
Height/Build: 6'3"/ Average weight, medium muscle definition
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Scar on his jaw, all across his back, dragon marker
Ability: He can manipulate and conjure fire
Personality: Rebellious and reckless, stubborn, likes to argue, sarcastic
Background: His father was abusive and caused the scars all over his back with a belt. He was on his own, on the street by 13. He's learned how to theive and lie with a deadly percision.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Deep read, nearly rust colored with a white circle on the bottom and vertical orange stripes
Other: Zilch

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Okay, this is my first character chat ever. Please don't bite my head off. And if I suck, blame Avery for making me join...

Name: Demara Ryder
Gender: Female
Hair: Black, straight, down to the bottom of her shoulder blades, always down.
Eyes: Icy blue
Skin: pale, but not unnaturally so
Height/Build: Thin and almost no muscles
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Dragon marker
Ability: Controls shadows, controls the shapes and can make them take different forms or disappear
Personality: stubborn about almost everything, enjoys fighting with people, doesn’t like to be in charge, shy
Background: She was pretty average grade wise, never popular but she was also never really made fun of by the popular kids. She was a loner all her life, and her parents were distant. She was an only child.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Black with dark blue and purple swirls on the bottom, they end halfway up the egg.
Other: No

Name: Linden Savalas
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: golden blond, streaked with darker blond/brown and lighter shades
Eyes: Glowing green
Skin: Tan, Mediterranean skin tone
Height/Build: tall, 6’4’’, with lean muscles that don’t bulge, but are definitely present.
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: Scar on left arm that goes from his wrist to his elbow, dragon marker on his wrist.
Ability: Controls air currents
Personality: Nice, likes to laugh, funny, a little sarcastic, not really able to take things seriously
Background: He was The Popular Kid. He played basketball and was the starting center since his sophomore year. He always had girls practically climbing on him, but he never really dated anyone. He was raised with a sister and a brother, both younger, and he is VERY protective when it comes to them. His mother died when he was 10 in a car accident, which is what gave him the scar on his arm.
Appearance of Dragons Egg: His dragon egg is pure white, with flecks of sky blue that are scattered all over the egg, denser on top and almost nonexistent on the bottom.
Other: None.

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Fixed him!

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OOC: Thank you! Im bored so im putting up the 1st post Razz

Kyan: I was close. I could feel it. The sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon and illuminate the small suburban town as i entered, striding past the "Welcome to the Town of Blackthorn!" Population, some number i didnt care about. I didnt care about any of them, except for the few i was seeking. That handful of ancient warriors who had been reincarnated through the millenia. The world had changed so much over the hundreds of thousands of years id been alive. It no longer even vaguely resembled the world into which i was born. But i had learned to adapt as necessary and continue my search. I had lost them amny years ago. But i could feel their presences now. I had found them. And now i had to bring them together and make them remember their ancient roots. The struggle was now even harder as the demons awoke. And i knew this wouldnt end without blood being shed. Now that the eggs were close to hatching, time was of the essence. With none to waste, i moved towards the local high school, where i was certain i would find at least a few of the missing Dragonkin.

Kaya: My alarm buzzed obnoxiously but i slapped it off. I was already awake and still dressed in my clothing form yesterday. Id been sitting in my wheelchair at my desk all night, tinkering with a new machine. I was SO close to getting it running! I was tempted to call in sick at work and ditch school to finish it, but decided against it. I needed to get out before i went insane. The machine would still be there later. I grabbed some clothes and wheeled myself to the bathroom. I stood on my one leg, using the wall for support, and managed to undress and get in the shower. There was a bar for me to hang on to so i didnt fall over. I quickly showered and dressed again. Baggy camo cargo pants with huge pockets for putting tools and various computer parts in, the one leg tied off where the stump of my leg ended. Black t-shirt with some band logo on it. Cyber-punk type goggles on the top of my head. I slid my glasses back on and fixed my shaggy black boy-ish hair before wheeling myself back out of the bathroom and going to grab my backpack. I hooked it on the back of the wheelchair and rolled myself into the kitchen. Fortunately, living in a one storey house meant i didnt have to negotate stairs. I grabbed my lunch and jammed it into my bag before heading outt he door and started wheeling myslef towards Blackthorn High. Something felt wierd today and i couldnt place it, although my wierd tattoo that id had for as longa s i could remember was prickling, tingling, almost itching, as if it too could sense that something was amiss. It usually only did that when i was near the new principal.

Thalia: My alarm buzzed shrilly and i slapped it off. I got up and got dressed quickly - black skinnies, studded belt, black converse, blue shirt with a silver chinese dragon, and a black leather jacket. I considered skipping school today, but as soon as i entered the kitchen, my adoptive other pounced, insisting on driving me to school. There was no dissuading her. I grudgingly grabbed my bag and got in the car and was soon on my way to school. No doubt id have to face the creepy new principal again today.... my tatto was prickling as if sensing my uneasiness.... or something else.

Lucas: When my alarm rang, i fell of my bed with a very loud thud. Ow. I got up and turned off the offensive shriek of the alarm. I yawned and started heading for the bathroom, only to walk into my door. I managed to shower without hazard and got dressed in plain jeans and a white band shirt. I pulled my shoes on and grabbed my bag. I was running late. I go tout the door and made my way to school when i was suddenly distracted by my tatto tingling like crazy, tripped on nothing, and faceplanted on the school lawn. Great. At least i hadnt been carrying my guitar.

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At the alarm, Capria jumped out of bed. She pulled her hair out of her bun, shaking out some of the tangles that hung down. Try not to look too much like a mess. After pulling on her normal legging jeans and band t-shirt. She ran to school, shouldering her bag. She saw a boy on the lawn and stifled a laugh, walking over, cocking her head down. "Hey... Um, are you okay?" She asked, holding her hand out to help him up. She nearly jerked her hand back as her tattoo started to sting under her coat.

Matteo had gotten to school early, working on a stack of homework for the next day. Call him a nerd, but he was determinded to stay head in his classes. Sometimes, adopted kids didn't have great reputations, so he was there to prove it wrong. When he finished the question he was on, he walked out into the halls, putting his books in his locker.Her rubbed his wrist, trying to get rid of the pin and needle sensation that was there.

"Jace... Jace!" Someone screamed into his ear. It was his roomate. She was already dressed and ready to go. She grabbed her bag and she was out. My tattoo burned, the warmth running up my arm. I got dressed quickly and got into my car, breaking the speed limit to get into the school ontime. I ran a hand through my hair, nervously as the principal passed.

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Demara rolled over in bed, trying to ignore the fuzzy radio waves coming out of her somewhat broken alarm clock. She hit the sleep alarm and opened her eyes, looking up at her ceiling. She thought about skipping first period, try to catch up on her sleep, but then decided against it. Like she needed to miss more class in order to fail.
She dragged herself up and sat in bed, thinking through her day. All that came to mind was school. She didn't even bother getting out of her pjs, just got up and went to get some toast in the kitchen. After a quick breakfast, she ran down to the bus. She sat in her normal seat, and like usual, no one sat with her. But, unlike every other day, the little tattoo on her wrist tingled and itched.

Linden ignored Yuvi's attempts to get him up. "Linden, Mom's going to leave without you," she warned. He grunted and sat up.
"'Kay, just give me fifteen." He got up and went into his bathroom, took a shower, and then got dressed in plain blue jeans and a tee, pulling a sweatshirt over it.
"We're leaving, Linden!" His mom shouted up the stairs.
"Coming, coming." He ran down the stairs and grabbed a Poptart. "Ready to go." He jumped in the shotgun and rode to school. Everything was normal, but as he arrived at school, his wrist began to tingle, itch, and the closer he got to school, burned.

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reserve spot... join later Razz

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Kaya: I finally made it to school, thinking aobut classes and regretting working all night on my latest project instead of doing my homework. I hadnt noticed which direction id been going until my wheelchair bumped the wide front steps of the school. Steps. Great. I couldnt get up them in my wheelchair. I was already tired from wheeling myself the good long way here. Now id have to wheel myself all the way around behind the school to use the ramp they only kept around as a "courtesy" to the school's cripple. Not like going in a barely-used side door around where the dumpsters were was a "courtesy". I sighed, staring up at the front door of the school. Today was just going to be FABULOUS.I sighed and wheeled myself around to the back of the school, finding the side door and entering. A few of the weaselly creepy kids of Blackthorn High (hey, evrey school has 'em!) were sitting around the dumpsters smoking. They jeered slightly as i went by. Whatever. Sure, mock the cripple. But i wasnt entirely sure that it was tobacco they were smoking. Ignoring them, i rolled my wheelchair up the short ramp and managed to awkwardly negotiate the door open and get through it. Soon enough i was in a main hallway. I headed for my locker and fetched whatever books i needed before heading off for English. I found my seat towards the back of the class - it wasnt hard. It was the only desk with no chair behind it. I moved my wheelchair into position and pulled out my notebook and a pen, waiting for the rest of the class to show up and lessons to start. After a while, i opened a new page and began sketching complex circuit diagrams for a machine i was thinking of building. Maybe id be able to scavenge some parts from work today.

Thalia: I arrived at school and sulked off to English, my adoptive mother's eyes boring into my back until i entered the school. I would ditch after lunch. But that meant i still ahd a few classes full of torment to endure before i could sneak out. Joy.... i found my books and reluctantly headed to my English class. The only one there was the cripple. What a surprise. She was some sort of super genius or something, and tended to arrive in class very early. I suppose what she lacked in legs she made up for with brains.... I found my seat in the very back corner of class and sat down, ipod blaring in one ear absently as i waited for the dull class to finally start.

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(Do they all have the same class?)

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OOC: Simply because its easy, im sticking all my characters in english Razz oh poo! I forgot to post for Lucas ^^' sorry 'bout that!

Lucas: I groaned and rolled over, sitting up and getting my bearings before standing up again. Someone was talking to me. "Whowhaaaa?" i muttered for a second. "Oh! Yeah. Im fine!" i said, grinnign sheepishly. "It happens a lot, actually..." i muttered.

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Capria pulled her hand back, smiling a little bit. "I'm Capria," she said. She put her hand out, this time to shake. The top of her tattoo stuck out of her sleeve and she flinched inwardly, seeing it.

(I'll just put them there, too.)

Matteo walked into English, his eyes lazing over the two girls that sat near the middle. One of them was in a wheelchair. He pulled his eyes away to keep from staring. He knew the girl, Kayla. She was smart, a good student. It was a shame people bullied her.

Jace walked into English right after Matteo, sitting in the very back, pulling out his books and staring at the board for a second. Why was he even here? He would ditch, but any more absent days and he could be suspended.

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OOC: Was the "L" in Kaya's name a typo? Normally i wouldnt mention it but i just wanted to make sure you knew her name isnt Kayla Razz

Lucas: "Im Lucas." i said, grinning broadly. I shook the offered hand. Suddenly, a sign of the apocalypse. I actually noticed something *cue gasping*. "Nice tattoo!" i said, beaming. "Wierdly enough, i have one just like it." i said, holding up my own wrist.

Kaya: I paused my scribbling as i felt someone looking at me. When i glanced up, they werent looking anymore, but i could tell they had been. "Hello." i said. "Did you need something?" i asked, pushing my glasses back up my nose so they wouldnt fall off. It wasnt uncommon for people to ask to borrow notes or copy homework or get help with a project or something. But sometimes people just stared and if i let them know that i noticed it usually embarassed them. Which could be funny.

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(OOC: Yeah, it was... I noticed it right after I submitted it)

Matteo looked at her, his lips in a straight line. "No, I don't need anything," he said. "I'm sorry for staring." he muttered, his cheeks flooding a light pink as he turned away.

Capria beamed a little. "Really?! That's awesome," she smiled. She looked at his wrist and then back to her own. The tattoos were identical, and hers started to tingle a little. She rubbed it, lowing her wrist.

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Kaya: I smiled a little. "Its okay." i said. "Im pretty much used to it."

Lucas: I nodded absently, getting a little spacy again. Until i remembered class. I couldnt afford to be late again. "Which class are you headed to?" i asked.

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Name: Dagonilla
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hair: Fire Red, slightly curly, resembles a flame in a way
Eyes: golden but changes sometimes in purple
Skin: fair skin, freckles over her nose
Height/Build: 5'4'', lean
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: has her ear pierced along with belly button, she has a scar across her stomach and down her back, and she as a tattoo of angel wings on her shoulder blades and dragon mark on her wrist
Ability: she has a high sense of sight and hearing
Personality: sweet, loving, but carefree
Background: she has about average grades wise but she is a semi-popular kid and she takes her free time into her passion in singing
Appearance of Dragons Egg: purple shelled with chinese markings around it
Other: n/a

Name: Grady
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: charcoal black, hangs past his ears and into his eyes
Eyes: silver
Skin: tanned
Height/Build: 6'2'' and he is lean
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: nothing
Ability: read minds, but it leaves him a bit confused after
Personality: sarcastic, bitter, mean
Background: he takes mind control and mind reading in his own hands. He couldn't care less about other people, just the fact that he is the best (that is what he thinks)
Appearance of Dragons Egg: Black, long white pinstripes
Other: n/a

Name: Mitchell
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Sandy brown with blue tips
Eyes: yellow
Skin: pale skin
Height/Build: 6'6''
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: dragon marker tattoo and and a scar that goes from his cheek and down his neck
Ability: look into the possible scenarios of the future
Personality: nice, sweet, but manuplative
Background: he likes to be nice to people to get his way. He cares for the people he seems are worth caring for
Appearance of Dragons Egg: orange with yellow markings
Other: n/a

Name: Christa
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hair: dark blue
Eyes: gray
Skin: pale
Height/Build: 5'7''
Piercings/Scars/Tattoos: nothing
Ability: She can read auras, but only if the feelings are strong
Personality: questionable (she is a strange person with many personalities... shes bipolar)
Background: been diagnosed with bipolar for about five years. It effects her learning at school
Appearance of Dragons Egg: sky blue
Other: n/a

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OOC: Your characters mostly look good, but if you could maybe edit your abilities for Grady, Christa, and be a little clearer with Mitchell? Reasons being that all of us can speak with dragons since we're attuned to them, but since there actually are no dragons at the moment (the eggs have not hatched yet) there's not a lot of point there, i dont want anyone having emotional/mind control to avoid powerplaying (mind rieading is fine though as long as you arent placing thoughts into another characters head (unless its your own character)), and maybe only see possible futures? Since if he can just see everything that's coming, it sort of takes out any kind of surprises.... sorry, im just being super picky aobut abilities in this one ^^

18Dragonkin Empty Re: Dragonkin on Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:34 pm


haha its fine ^^ ill change them when I get a moment Razz

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OOC: Kay kay, that all looks good ^^

20Dragonkin Empty Re: Dragonkin on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:59 pm


(good so where is everyone else?)

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OOC: No clue Razz Waiting for.... Avery, i think? Dunno Razz

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(nice Razz)

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